Dispersed Camping Sites around Lake Powell

You can camp along the shore anywhere at Lake Powell – Glen Canyon, or in a campground just note, if you’re camping in an undeveloped or along the shore you will need to bring your porta-potty if a bathroom is not present. There are many dedicated campgrounds to choose from  

Here are some camping sites I have camped in on my trips to Lake Powell 

1: Farleys Canyon. This was my first trip to Lake Powell. We got a great spot right next to the water. It is so great to just roll out of the tent and be right at the edge of the water.

2: Halls Crossing has great campsites (Bathrooms, Showers, and power hookups if you need them) we had to hall the boat to the ramp every day.  It was a good walk to the water since the level is going down every year.

3: Blue Notch. this is shore camping to the extreme took about 2 hours to get to the lake. The road was not great almost need 4 wheel drive but you can make it in a small 2 wheel drive just have to be careful. This trip was awesome had to launch the boat at Halls Crossing and boat to Blue Notch 33 miles upstream.

How much does it cost to camp at Lake Powell?

There are no camping fees or permits required to camp on the lake in undeveloped areas. Take note you will have to pay entrance fees and vessel fees.

Day Pass – $25.00 / car

Day Pass – $20 / motorcycle

Day Individual Pass – $12.00 /person

Glen Canyon NRA Annual Pass – $50.00

$50 – annual vessel permit valid from Jan 1- Dec 31 for each motorized vessel

Shore Camping and what to expect

Shore camping is a great experience. You have so many advantages. If your plan on camping on the shore remember if there are no restrooms you need to bring your porta-potty there is no hole digging allowed. 

Another thing about camping on the shore is it’s hard to find places to tie your tent down the ground is rather sandy or very rocky you have to get creative.

Be prepared to meet the wildlife. You may see small mammals such as cottontail rabbits, jackrabbits, kangaroo rats, packrats, and deer mice on the banks or the cliffs or canyons of the lake. So keep your food safe blackbirds love to snoop around and they will get in somehow.

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