The purpose of solo ads is to drive high-quality targeted website traffic

Solo Ads

I use this service and I have to say very impressive I recommend them highly…

  • NEW Targeting Feature with! Specify the type of people you would like to contact from our extensive list of targeting niches. Targeting is available with all orders.
  • Unique Prospects! Your ad never gets shown to the same person more than once. Every time we send your ad out it is shown to new people who have expressed interest in your niche or industry.
  • Full Third Party Analytics Monitor the amount of views and traffic from each ad campaign through a third party tracking service (included free of charge).
  • Professional Ad Copy Writing Included Our professional copywriters are available to write a campaign for you and set up the campaign for you (no extra charge.)

The purpose of solo ads is to drive high-quality targeted website traffic to your website. The most important thing to know about solo ads is that they can attract highly accurate and responsive buyers to your business or webpage.

Regardless of whether a solo ad campaign is right for your website or business, you should know that there is no other advertising method as cost-effective as a highly targeted solo ad.

Because you are “renting the list” of someone who has spent many months and years cultivating high-quality, niche-targeted leads, they are extremely cost-effective. By paying for a solo ad, you get your ad sent to someone else’s carefully cultivated and created list.

Internet marketers and website owners who use solo ads swear by their effectiveness. You can test different campaigns and landing pages quickly to optimize marketing campaigns with this form of advertising, which can generate a great deal of clicks and ROI. Compared to Facebook ads or PPC campaigns, solo ads are considered better by many marketers. 

How safe are solo ads? All USA and international privacy and email marketing laws apply to the solo ads we send out. Your ad will only be sent to people who have asked and agreed to receive information via email.

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